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COVIctory - Derek and Bon_Sel (by Emmai
COVIctory - Ciora Thomas (by Emmai Alaqu

About the Project

More than year after the first case of COVID-19 was identified in Allegheny County, safety measures like wearing masks and social distancing are as important as ever. But the public is fatigued. To combat this and encourage continued vigilance, the Allegheny County Health Department asked director Emmai Alaquiva of Ya Momz House to create powerful stories about overcoming and staying safe during the pandemic.

“We call the project ‘COVIctory,’ because it’s a series of media essays that celebrate personal victories in the face of COVID-19 challenges,” says director and series creator Emmai Alaquiva. Known for high-engagement storytelling, this award-winning director takes us into the lives of high-profile people who recount their COVIctories, and the safety measures they’re taking to remain victorious.

“It has been a difficult year for our community which is why the COVIctory series is so important,” said Dr. Debra Bogen, Director of the Allegheny County Health Department. “These are positive stories which
speak to both the trials of the past year and the triumphs of surviving it. Ultimately, we hope that they inspire people to keep up the fight against COVID-19 transmission, and to not let down their guard. Together, we can do this.”

COVIctory - Geeta (by Emmai Alaquiva) -
COVIctory - Derek and Bon_Sel (by Emmai
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