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COVIctory - Geeta (by Emmai Alaquiva) -

Geeta Bhattarai

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Geeta Bhattarai's COVIctory is his family's health. He contracted COVID in June 2020. His pregnant wife, Yadavi, also developed a case, but hers was more severe. She was hospitalized with life-threatening COVID-19 symptoms, as well as complications and concerns for her unborn baby. She spent time in the hospital before regaining her strength and being able to finish her recovery at home with the couple's two older children.

COVID-19 affected many people in the Bhattarai's community of Nepalese and Bhutanese immigrants. Upon his successful recovery and after the healthy birth of son Suvam, Geeta was an advocate for safety measures like social distancing and mask wearing among his friend and neighbors.


Perhaps it's no surprise that Geeta is also thankful and welcoming of the vaccine. He and his wife got both of their doses earlier this year. 

"Getting the vaccine is very important to save oneself and protect others from getting the disease," Geeta says. His oldest son, Sulav, is just now 12 and will get the vaccine over summer vacation. "

"Once my son gets vaccinated he will be safe from COVID because I believe it works like 95-96% . I believe in getting him vaccinated," Geeta says.

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